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Monthly Archives: October 2010

My “Lizzie Wann” poem

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Inspired by Lizzie Wann’s poem “the Declaration”  this is my version created while leading Muse Group Facilitator Training (based on the work of Jill Badonsky)
This is a day of dish soap and yucky paintings washed away
There is 3 panicky creative beings – is it still full moon?
This is a day of 8 pounds of squirming and 30 pounds of a ‘dog’ named Evalee sitting on my lap
There is forgetting to share and oddly sad
This is semi rebelliousness in winter coat and sockless sandals
There is chill and damp and hot coffee
I think the other dog is pouting and Jill is lost
This is a day of writing and rebelling and dish soap and dancing on a persian carpet

My dog writes for Poopy Monthly, did you know that?

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“They say we bark too much,
but sometimes they forget that our greeting
is simply extraordinary unconditional love.
That’s if we know the people we are barking at.
Otherwise we might really want to chase them down the street.
But don’t tell your human that part.
Just share the part about how much we love.
They could learn from us, after all.”

Article: “how to bark and not get in trouble”
from Casper’s collection of favourite articles in  poopy monthly magazine, jan 2007

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