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Direct Line to the Universe

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Direct Line to the Universe

Dial 411 for resources or information.

Dial 911 for things you want NOW.

Dial 777 to chat.

The Universe grants all requests.

More about this concept to come, but for the moment…in it’s simplest state:  giving thought to what you need to move forward is the first step to moving forward.  What would you want to ask the Universe right now?

You can use your own phone.  I highly recommend unplugging it to go directly to the universe and skip the mortal interfer.. I mean .. the mortal in between.

The journal juju’s begin

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An exercise from the journal jujus’ of the Awe-Manac… a journal entry that starts with the letters of CHRISTMAS:

Christmas is yesterday, nine point 8
Hours ago.
I think Quelf was hysterical, and gifts of
Stockings and Santa Gift was
Truly an ecomonical,creative decision that resulted in
Magical gifts, unhinted and fun,
A journal to play with my Awe-Manac juju’s, and a book of wedding photos such a favourite one.
Santa’s spirit hangs out for as long as we believe.. Please keep giving magic sprinkles to Evalee as the poor wee thing teeths.

and no rewrite. I tell myself.  Because you do know I now want to add everything amazing about the day, don’t you? And then when would I get to eating leftover turkey and cookies?

The Morning of Christmas Eve

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Before I wash the floors and set the table for tomorrow, I’m taking a quiet moment to enjoy the magic of this, Christmas Eve Day.

Okay. It’s over. Got a call from Megan (who is housesitting) asking if I would please wash her sheets since she’s staying here tonight.  And then I called Courtney and Cody… (to my delight, Cody, my new son-in-law answered the phone “Merry Christmas Eve!”  (he learns quickly!))  to learn that dinner is at my house tonight – they are bringing ingredients.  And that maybe we will go to Wild Lights if the weather is warm enough … (I hope it is, wee Evalee has a sore mouth.. she needs distraction.  Oh the fun we had, her and I, watching movies and dancing two nights ago!)   and so, now.. I had best finish a present that involves baking, wash the floors, and shower and do the last minute things…..  

Thank goodness the gifts are wrapped! 

All of this to Jewell and Sarah McLaughlin singing Christmas Carols.  Isn’t life lovely?  And seriously, who really gets to pause long on Christmas Eve Day?

May yours be sooo full of magic.  And may you send some of those enchanting thoughts out to the world and especially those in need.  We can lift the energy of this astounding world by thought.  Really we can.

oh.. new plans! They are coming for breakfast. They just KNEW I had bacon and eggs that I needed to do something with.. So funny!

Six more sleeps!

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Ohhhh, only six more sleeps!  Feeling the magic of Santa time of year!

The Troll is ready for the Creative People Gathering!

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Today Troll prepared for his infamous additions to the gatherings of Creative People.  Yes, the Troll Turds.  I’m afraid to announce that I discovered him eating bird’s nests and Angel’s clouds today.

Oh, Troll. What to do with you.  But then, the bird’s are not in their nests on this very very chilly day.  And the angels?  Perhaps they are so close by at Christmas time that, for the moment, they don’t need their clouds.

Certainly angel clouds must play a role in the magic that turns Troll’s turds into the scrumptious delicacies we devour on these special occasions.

And the bird’s nests? Fibre.  Making sure we have plenty to eat.

Oh num num.  Bet the guests can’t wait

The weather outside is frightful…

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..frightfully beautiful.  It’s cold ,crisp and we finally have lots of snow!   It looks a lot like my paintings at the top of this blog!  Well, okay, my house, nor my neighbours, are exactly that colourful… but one day, my home will look like one of those in the storypaintings.  Because the faeries imagine it to be so.

(I love how strange I can be! )

18 months old today!

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Happy 18 month old day, wee precious pumpkin princess Evalee!   Thanks for the great game of “Where’s Evalee?”.. and for announcing knowingly “Santa” when you discovered a snowman snowglobe.  He looked a lot like Santa.   Thanks for playing dress up with the dolls, and playing kick and splash in the bath, and for the beautiful music you make on the piano.. using your wee hands like a pianist!.. and for all the dancing!  I get so much exercise dancing with you.. but I won’t reveal the secret dance being planned for the wedding reception!
You are such a love.. Happy Day.. may you get to feed Casper your food, play “where’s Evalee”  and all those things you love.   hmm, maybe not so much the one you love that involved smashing ornaments on the tree.   But otherwise, may your day be full of hugs, kisses, fun and games! 

Nana loves you!

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