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Pammukale at sunrise

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Jumping for Joy, Pammukale Turkey

Jumping for Joy, Pammukale Turkey

Imagine being dropped off at a little tiny town at 6 am, after an overnight bus.. uncertain how to get where you are planning to go, and not knowing yet how to leave this town later in the day…..  and then you discover that Pammukale (the pools of water that cascade down calcified walls of white  (like a cave only outdoors)  and the Hieropolis ruins above these incredible pools of mineral water are open…. so you hike up with your daughter and two other similarly confused travellers…to find that you have the entire site to yourself for hours before the tours come, and you watch the sunrise.  and you run and jump and play through ancient ruins.    ah, life is good.

And the rest works itself out.  It took my daughter’s bit of turkish and a bit of crankiness to arrange for us to get a bus tonight to secuk… but she pulled it off.  It is the day of celebrating the end of Ramadan, and for that we could be easy going, but the bus owners  had assured us that we could get the bus later today.   Anyway, we have a bus and no hard feelings.  In the meantime, we have had lunch dinner in a ‘taverna’ a bit like Costa Rica, Courtney… (what am I saying? She doesn’t know about the blog yet, and she will be on her way with Cody and Evalee today to Amsterdam, anyway!  At least I am assuming so.. communication by email is tough…  I know Evalee had a bit of a cold or teething, but i suspect she can fly)    

Magical Pools of Pummakale Turkey

Magical Pools of Pummakale Turkey

Megan is on the other computer booking our flights for when we return to Istanbul.  She is such a good travel buddy to have.. so easy for me.  But of course, did I know we’d land in the middle of a dark town, backpacks in tow, and nowhere to go?   I smile at this, because sometimes that’s simply the best kind of travel.   THANK GOM  the dress is safely in Istanbul, because our backpacks are often left in shady places.

Temple of Apollo.. oracle site and necromantium… interesting…  Intriguing the unknown of our history, and how uncertain all agree (nowadays) of how little we know.

off i go…  check on the backpack and such.   I’m so in love with travelling!  And Turkey and the turkish people are extraordinary!

Pistachios and yogurt, and oh, the melon! Papa’s Pant Leg and so much more.

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Our view while having coffee at the Traveller's Cave.

Our view while having coffee at the Traveller

Tonight we take a night bus to pamukale, close to agean, where we begin our ‘goddess and god’ site exploration.  For now, we are still relaxing (what am i saying?.. I have climbed more ‘ups’ than I have in years! – who knew I was in as good a shape as apparently I am???  That overnight visualization last week must have worked!.. or .. … when one is on such a new and unique exploration, perhaps one’s body just chooses to cooperate!)  Yet, in spite of much climbing, and walking,  it all feels so relaxed here.  I adore Goreme and my cave room shared with five others.  If it were near a lake or ocean, I”d move here.  I may have wr ote that already.  Of course, the family would need to come too… wee Evalee could learn Turkish.   There is enough access to internet, that coaching by phoning via skype  would be very possible.  I think my coachees wouldn’t mind that? 

So far, the travel has cost so little it’s funny!  Megan thinks we are spending a lot, since she is now used to travelling on only a few dollars a day.  But, including one long tour and trinkets, the last few days have only cost about 20 dollars a day.   I kid you not.  HOwever, we could be spending much more as meals are not generally dirt cheap, but we have breakfast with our room, lunch.. maybe eat out, maybe not,.. and dinner is yogurt and muesli and fruit which is boughtat the local grocers.  Maybe 50 cents a meal for that.  The pistachios are fabulous as in Iran when I lived there years ago, and we had the melon that I”ve waited for for 30 years.  It is so good that when I lived in Iran, I wouldn’t leave until after September so I could have the seasonal September melon “just once more.”

It’s only been a few days of travel, yet I feel like I have done and seen and ‘felt’ so much.  I have stories started that are quite contrary to the historical version of the faerie chimneys… and sketches that are entirely way too Dr. Seuss-ish.   Plus a sketch of Megan and I as we lounged in a turkish lounge, with rugs everywhere, cushions, low tables, turkish coffee, and music.  It was such an amazing peacful place to lull.  Muses*, come lull in Goreme!  IT’s perfect! 

The sketches are not perfect, and this is part of my plan for the next weeks is to develop this skill. But, following my own advice for journalling in the workbook, this proves to be such a delightful way not only to record the event, but to be sure you are absorbing the energy of the event in the moment. The time spent sketching will also ensure that one look at the sketch later, will bring back the whole atmosphere in an instant.

* For those who don’t know, the women from the most recent Creative Muse course will know exactly what I mean, having discovered and acknowledged  that Lulling is an integral part of creatively living  life.

I am on free internet here. And we have a long wait for bus.  This is why the long blog! I”m getting smarter about the turkish keyboard.  You just change it to English, then go from memory.  A good reason not to be a one finger typist that has to look at the keys. ONe would be lost on Turkey!

I am gathering trinkets and beautiful energies for the wedding dress.  The first gift was a gift given to us when they heard about what I was doing.  (Courtney, I hope youi haven’t discovered the blog..  THey leave tomorrow and I can almost guarantee that the chaos of packing, plus her generally unlikeliness to spend much time on internet, will keep her from discovering this!)  

Family,  Papa’s pant leg is with me… on every single step of the adventure, and is playing surrogate wedding dress.. while the dress stays peacefulling in Istanbul.  

An intent is to go the site dedicated to Hecates.. it isn’t on the usual ‘tourist route’… so we may rent a car  in Ismar to go there.  Of course ti would be Hecates that I seem to be intrigued with, wouldn’t it?  Wayne, is there more areas in Turkey related to Hecates, in addition to … oh shoot, i can’t go look up the name until I finish this.  More in an email to you!

Sending all who are reading this, turkish smiles, and goddess glows!  (huh?)

Post Trip Addendum:  Traveller’s Cave Pension in Goreme Turkey is so wonderful! 


Evil Eye Tree. Seriously Safe near this puppy!

The Land of Faerie Chimneys and Beautiful Horses

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Grand Bazaar Istanbul, I'm so at home!

Grand Bazaar Istanbul, I'm so at home here!

Sitting in an internet cafe looking out at the most extraordinary village….  picture fantastical flinstones.. and you’ll start to get the picture.  Am in Goreme, Turkey…  home of Faerie Chimneys – these are land formations that I can’t even begin to describe.   History is admittedly sketchy.   Once thought that monks moved in, and lit candles at night.. the villagers then thought the faeries (which seems the same as ‘ghosts’ here) were living in the pillars.   In only three days, I’ve seen so much.  So great to see my wandering daughter, who has taught me already that we don’t need showers nor clean clothes.. ever.   It’s all coming back to me from my backpacking days.  

Turkey is much like Iran, so as soon as I hit Istanbul I felt like ‘home’.  Huka pipes, chai shops.. the gand bizaar are amazing.   Turkey is brighter, more colourful, people so lovely.   so far i have stayed in a multimillion dollar mansion (where the dress is currently safely awaitng us), and now in a 8 dollar a night cave.  the dress already has it’s own story to tell… dungeons and dragging.   okay, I won’t say more incase the bride-to-be discovers this blog.  She leaves Canada in a few days, so I’ll be safe to say more than. 

i’d type better but I am on a turkish keyboard.. and it’s a touch confusing.

Goreme Cappodocia, Turkey. If there were a lake or ocean I would move here!

Goreme Cappodocia, Turkey. If there were a lake or ocean I would move here!

Megan’s turn on the internet, then we will search out dinner… turkish food very good.

Cappodocia means ‘the land of beautiful horses’  so named when the persians invaded  and discovered

So good to see my wandering daughter! Istanbul

So good to see my wandering daughter! Istanbul

extraordinary horses.   Also i was in an underground city that goes back 4000 years….. very strange…

Post Trip Addendum:  Ha!  Did I never write about the first day in Istanbul?  Yes, my darling daughter made sure I was immersed…  mosques, the grand bazaar where she led me to a piece of jewellery she had discovered much like my Iranian jewellery stolen years ago.. and now, unfortunately worth $1000, a hooka pipe with apple tobacco – hmm – she is just like her papa, thinks there is nothing ‘wrong’ with hooka tobacco!, turkish coffee, lovely turkish lunch, spice bazaar, ‘a cruise’, bahklava..  and the night with her lovely ‘family’!


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12 minutes til I head out!  That’s only because my ride is going to be bit late.  Thanks, Ron, for taking me to Vancouver!!   I woke up this morning feeling very surreal.  And a bit stiff from working with my backpack.  But that’s okay… I’ll visual that 20year old tough body and perfect neck that hasn’t been through far too many barefoot, waterski and wakeboard crashes.  Given more time I might actually have reconsidered the type of backpack.   (i’m using one of Megan’s) 

Surreal…. because wow, today’s the day… I’m off on an adventure.  It’s been quite a long time since I’ve done anything like this.   I’m soooo excited.  And grateful.. for so many reasons, but one is that a couple of years ago nobody would have thought I could do this, or waterski or anything after an injury…  but “Hey Universe, Just look at me now!”


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I really really have to go to bed now… but dear friends, I want you to know how grateful I am to you for caring for my home, business, and especially the dog.   (okay, if you’re a client or a potential client, I care about you too.. but still, you understand that the dog goes to the top of the list at the moment)  He’s a sheltie!  He misses us the minute we walk out the door!   But as it stands there’s a team of Shay and Nicole watching the business, Shay with back up from John watching the house… and a whole team for the dog,  Shay, Grama, and all the aforementioned who will ‘be there’ if the dog needs extra attention, walks, doggie park trips, … (heck, he’ll be more entertained than when I’m at home!)

Okay, goodnight, and much much gratitude my friends.  I couldn’t be doing this without you.  I know you all wanted to win the lotto and come to Greece, but who would look after Casper?  (smile)

The Motherhood of the Travelling Wedding Dress

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Yes, that is what it has become…. I’m excited about this. Even if I am writing right now to avoid finishing trying to fit everything into that backpack, which has gotten very heavy! I suspect I should have been working out more. I suspect that Victor will understand how much I’m visualizing that ‘getting in shape’ tonight!

So, I get to take the wedding dress and as it turns out the grooms suit on an adventure. I can’t say a lot about this plan because it’s a secret til the wedding, but I will note.. the magic began today, here in Kamloops.

And the whole research thing??? Yup, well, I was inspired to call a very wise friend.. versed in all ancient history, mythology, and more.. both the traditional and untraditional versions. As the conversation evolved, we realized Wayne and I could stay connected through this trip… he has agreed to be my resource/research assistant/ intuitive idea sharer as I am on my journey. This is another long story.. and I do have to pack… but isn’t it absolutely incredible how the most amazing resources can fall into place. I hope I get to write while away.. this is fun… (I do have a journal!!) and now, off I go. To Pack, To maybe sleep tonight, and to Turkey and Greece!

And one more thing to mention… Oh MY GOM, am I ever going to miss the wee Evalee! It’ll only be two weeks til I see her. Her parents suggested that I take her with me now. (hmm.. it’s the lack of sleep, I think) But we didn’t really plan ahead enough to do that. Although it’s starting to seem that it might be easier to ‘pack’ a baby and all of her ‘things’ than to pack what I’m doing right now.

This is entirely untrue. I know. Which is why I am taking the dress, etc.. cuz they have a booster seat, child tent, child back pack, etc, etc, etc……. They will be lucky to fit any clothes at all for themselves. Oh well.. they’re newlyweds.. they don’t need clothes. Oh I cannot believe I wrote that. ha ha! I’m getting delirious.

ah, I will miss her and her mommy and daddy. 14 sleeps and we’ll get to play together. 2 sleeps and I’ll get to see Megan!!!!

One more sleep.. and… oh my…

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Will I sleep? That’s a good question. In a backpack and a small carryon suitcase, I have the entire wedding attire, {wedding dress, groom’s suit, acessories, my dress, and Evalees, purses, and shoes}, plus all my painting and drawing stuff, travel books, journal, plus well, everything one needs for seven weeks… which in this case includes makeup, and a curling iron and stuff that makes a mommy, bride and bridesmaid feel … well, like they put some effort into being pretty that day. (We’re pretty everyday! Throw out that make up! hee hee.) .. and I have my pillow, a sleep sack, coat, and the TWO pillows my goofy daughter in Turkey asked me to bring.
Why might I not sleep? Because it ALMOST all fits into the two bags. Currently I’m strapping on the extra pillows to the outside of the sack. It will work. Yes, it will. Really. And I’m sure I’ll get some sleep.

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