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stress and the creative soul

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oh my. what have i done?  completely revamped the look of the blog… about 47 times.  and now I realize I really don’t like the GREAT BIG LETTERS of the headings of each post and that’s something I don’t know how to change.  And it’s a bit cluttery.  But 47 rebuilds of a blog is a good way to immerse in creative energy when one has other stressful stuff going on.  Thank you, creative soul.

but, oh, it must be changed.

(apres note: another 19 tries and I love it. phew.)

Unique and Inspired Quotes by Brilliant Folks

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Through a series of fortunate events, I’ve been blessed to have in my realm of community, a rather eclectic mix of amazing, brilliant and inspired beings.  (Not talking about the faeries here.. I mean People!)

This is a collection of their quotes.  I believe you are welcome to borrow them, but please give credit to the author of each one.

“And even if you feel silly, instead of brilliant,
at least you’re brave enough to try”
Una Connor
artist and inspired muse 

 ‎”I am one coffee short of a full thought”
Ula Chauvet
 artist, art event coordinator

 ” I do not like the term “Artsy Fartsy” ’cause Art doesn’t stink” 
Ula Chauvet
 artist, art event coordinator

  ‎”Either I’m chewing my hand off or I’m outta here man”
Marvin Strange
(the name says it all. Google it)

 “If you don’t take flight, How can you FLY”
Susanne Kriwtschenko
turner of wood into magickal art, artist

“If I were you, I would”
Michael Topic
multidimensional creative being

 “I’ve actually done that in the past.” 
Michael Topic.
(Not submitted as a quote but it works as one!)

‎”Everything looks different when you come at it backwards.”
Aileen Black
artist, amazing being. 

” BALDINGERBONGAUGWHENARF, but in a nice way” –
Marvin Strange
sculptor, author, muse leader (of sTRaNgELaNd)


 Worth pondering, aren’t they?  

This collection began when I saw myself quoted and.. well, dang, that felt good. Especially when I was reading the quote and thought ‘cool quote’.. and then read my name in the credits.  It was an ‘aha’ moment:  A reminder that we are heard, we share inspiration, we are important… but we seldom, very seldom, think that our simple words are that valuable. 

So this is what I was inspired to post:

~”People need to know how strange you are at some point.”  Janet Whitehead. This I found on Hope-Full Universe’s page. IDEA: Put something you’ve said in quotations. Add your name. Post on your status and on this page. You will feel brilliant!~

And the collection of quotes worthy of the great philosophers began!

Feel free to discover your Quote Worthiness.. post your quotes here!

Here’s to less and scapes and tiny feets

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Here’s to movies and mindless
Painting and timeless
Storytelling and escape
Nature and starscapes

Heres to tired, and to flying
Showing up and to sighing
And to each miniscule move of a child..
The tweek of their cheek,
Big stairs and tiny feet

Here’s to mud and it’s call
Here’s to good news
Here’s to voicelessness not mattering,
Here’s to more mud and it’s splattering.

Janet L. Whitehead.  Nov 2010

(OH MY GOLLY GEE, I AM a poet!! Who knew!!!  Okay, I really tried to post this here like a proper poet might, but people, i’m so excited.  I am known for bad poetry.. it’s intentionallly bad because then it’s funny, but good poetry never ever ever. But look what I did?  This is good, right?  THIS is what happens in Muse Groups… a little trigger and one discovers one’s brilliance, amongst other things.   Wow, I rock, right?    Sheesh, one would think I’d never written a good poem before by this rant of celebration!  What makes this even funnier is that I’m the facilitator of the Muse Groups. ha!)

Being creative is scary… but wait..

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No, no, that’s not true at all.  THINKING about being creative is scary. So much so that the large majority of people with  inspired thinking abilities never actually show up to their creative dreams, nor to their potential.  

And so, we have a rather impressive number of people who have potential to make changes… by bringing beauty, new thought, wake up calls, inventions, inspiration and concepts that could make a difference into our world…  who just  don’t.

They don’t show up to;

  • writing a book,
  • getting back to paints, pencils, glue, clay or metal,
  • exploring their soul, spirit, and the magic that might be contained within, 
  • singing or playing that instrument that calls to them,
  • or dreams that mean using the power of their creative thinking to recreate their lives, their businesses, and/or start something new that’s been niggling, nagging and even haunting them for years and years. 

After all… they often think:

  • they are not ‘good enough’,
  •  ‘somebody else is already doing it’,
  • they have ‘no time’,
  • they procrastinate,
  • they are overwhelmed,
  • they fear failure, they fear success,
  • they’re sure their family and friends would disapprove and even think they are crazy,
  • they can’t figure out how to justify how time spent being creative could be of any value financially, or to their relationships, or their children, or to their careers.

We have grown up in systems that do not support the creative soul.  No wonder it’s scary to think about being creative. 

BUT.. most of these folks know and have experienced at some point in their lives.. the flow, the timelessness, the magic, the ‘in the moment’, the joy, and the connection to spirit when they HAVE given themselves permission to be in their creative process.

Interesting how we fear something that feels so good.  But for the sake of not turning this post into a book…. if you are one of those creative beings not quite getting to your inspired creative self, please know you are normal. If you feel like you ‘don’t fit’, you are normal for a creative right brain sort of person.  phew. You are okay!!!

Just for now, to get started ‘just a little bit’, ask yourself, “What worked in the past to get me into my creative space? (whether that be creative thinking, being or doing)  Perhaps you could give yourself permission to try that.

Because, dear creative being, your giving yourself permission to be your creative self is truly the greatest gift you can give yourself and those around you. Even if you don’t discover the cure for diseases, host the grandest solo show ever held in Paris, walk through walls, or make the best seller of the century in the New York Times list.. simply the energy of you, being in that right brain/soulful/creative/inspired space.. even just a little bit, contributes to a shift towards more bliss  in this little world of ours.

Not to put any pressure on you or anything.  Okay, I take that whole last line  back.  (Holy throw high expectations right in the face of the vulnerable creative soul! Janet what are you thinking?)

Small tiny step (cuz tiny is a very very very very very good way to start):  contemplate giving yourself permission to dabble briefly in your creative interest.  That’s it. That’s enough for now.

Cheers to the wonder of you,  to your blissfulness, and to knowing “you’re okay.”

And, by the way, what HAS worked for you in the past?

Audaciously sharing.. Thank you, Liz!

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“Here’s to women whose musical voices sing directly to the soul, awakening the creative force within; to teachers with boundless compassion who can gently lead past the scariest of blocks. Here’s to Janet! Thank you for an amazing class. The Muses on their own are wonderful; you teaching them was priceless!”

Liz Connors, Burbank, CA USA

Testimonial for Muse Group Facilitator Training

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