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If this equals that, then I will win the lottery.

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     IF THIS,





(This magazine image posted November 11, 2011 on facebook with this comment: “Vision Casting” via facebook.. Paddleboarding and more Tall Ship play for me.)   (I did not know then that this could be possible)









(Me, November, 2013. You can imagine the epiphany-like experience this was!)









(Photo from a hiking trip posted April 2013 on facebook with this comment: “I could live here!” Just needs a little roof repair… window repair.. wall repair… interior repair..”)





me cabin




(My very beautifully-finished tiny 160 year old heritage log cabin home as of March 2014.  In Feb 2014, a friend of my daughter’s happened to mention that this was available and she wondered if I’d be interested. I was.)






lottery copy


(Posted here today.. since visioning apparently works well)




EQUALS ME winning a very large lottery!

Seems to me it’s a done deal, if you look at the math.  (Feel free to send lotto tickets.. I’ll split it with you)


I know, I know… My oft repeated advice is that the words (and belief), “The only way it’ll ever happen is when I win the lottery” is one of the biggest barriers to making amazing things happen now.  That’s good advice.    But you do know I’m going to be living my life happily while I wait for this win, yes?  Not that the wait is going to be long or anything.

Go ahead, dream big. Dream unlikely. Share that vision here, if you like. If not here, do something with it, just to give it that extra oomph for making it a reality. And another thing to note?  Neither the tall ship adventure or the little cabin cost me very much at all. They were/are so inexpensive it’s almost ridiculous. So while you are scheming up that unlikely big dream, you can let go thinking you’ll never have enough money for it.  See? One doesn’t have to win the lottery.  But I’m just going to anyway.



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Thank goodness the post you just received wasn’t full of a whole pile of incomprehensable ramblings like some of my ‘not-yet-ready-to-publish’ posts can be! My apologies for sending you a memo to myself. For the sake of not just sending you a second content dud post…here’s a thought I shared today:

“It is very very very very good for the brain to learn something new and challenging. Like playing guitar or sailing tall ships. It was a conscious decision to do these things to help my brain (motivated by the passion to do these things, of course) to rekindle itself after all the treatments, and today it struck me how much these things HAVE helped and are helping.”

But given what I just did, sending you all an unfinished memo, maybe my brain isn’t quite there yet. ~smile~

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