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Unbelievably brilliant! Paper cutting, storytelling,..

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Film for NZ Book Council Produced by Colenso BBDO Animated by Andersen M Studio.

Paper cutting, storytelling, film, altered books… all in one short video. May you be inspired to connect the not usually connected!

Stroke of Insight – a must see if you have a brain.

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We, the world, must thank Jill Bolte Taylor for having a stroke. Her insights have skyrocketed awareness of the power and abilities of our left and right brain.. and their differences!  I also recommend her book to learn even more.

Sir Ken Robinson – do schools kill creativity?

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If you have children or if you were ever a child yourself, watch this.

The video is 20 minutes and is funny. This is a powerful topic that I suggest will open doors to recognizing your own limiting beliefs and how they may have began.  Particularly if you were ever a child in school.   What’s cool about that is recognizing limiting beliefs (beliefs that stop you)  is usually enough to make them go away!  Video comes with humour to keep your attention.  Worth every moment.

I know brilliant people who are wise, caring, and creative teachers .. but they work within a system built in the dark ages.. or was it the industrial age?… that is riddled with rules, regulations, and ‘must teach this’ restrictions. 

Yes, schools are evolving but the effort it will take to make mass changes to these institutions is nearly impossible to comprehend. 

So, small steps:

  • More art schools.
  • More inservices on creativity.
  • More principals giving permission to gently alter curriculum.
  • Less stuffing a poor 6 year old into a desk, with recess being their only hope for the day. 
  • More recess.
  • More parents learning (remembering!) the value of creativity and creative play and encouraging and acknowledging their children’s successes in those areas (in and out of school) equally, or perhaps more than, their successes in standard curriculum.
  • Allowing children to lead and their teachers and guides follow.  
  • Parents, ask yourself “What little thing can I do today that supports my child’s creativity?”  Think tiny. A comment, a hug, a few moments of creating together, a conversation on the phone about creativity and it’s value and making sure your child is nearby to hear you…..

Many small steps like these and soon people like myself will no longer have a career helping people to get past all of the limiting beliefs our left brain systems have produced, to help them become their most unique, creative thinking, passionate selves.  I’m cool with that.

It is the Age of Creativity now.. it’s time.

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