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Ban New Year’s Resolutions – there’s a much better way to succeed

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Forget resolutions. They’ve got a bad name.

It’s about as exciting to have a New Year’s Resolution as it is to have ants move into your house.  They both become something you are trying to ‘deal with.’

I’m sure you’ve noticed that when one thinks about ‘New Year’s Resolutions’, strange thoughts often sneak in like:
“Oh goody, look what I can fail at this year!”

 “Fat chance I’m telling anyone this resolution just so they can watch me break it!”

“I’m the queen of procrastination… maybe I’ll get to it tomorrow

I have no willpower, and that chocolate looks realllly good.”

The term ‘New Year’s Resolutions’ is now tarnished by becoming a synonym for failure, disappointment, self sabotage, and lack of willpower.  Why would we put ourselves through that?

Yet, the concept was once well intended.  There’s great wisdom in looking into the future and taking steps towards achieving your goals.  But forget the old way of thinking, choosing, planning and doing those steps.

                                  That concept is done

It’s time to take revelactions and live happy revelly after…..


 revelation     rev-e-la-tion  (noun)
1.information revealed:
               information that is newly disclosed, especially surprising,
               or valuable
2. surprising thing:
              a surprisingly good or valuable experience
3. disclosure:
             the revealing of something previously hidden or secret

action    ac-tion    (noun)
           1. doing something toward a goal
           2. movement

revelaction*   rev-el –ac-tion (noun)
           1. revelling actions
 *Note from dictionary: this word does not exist. Aren’t we revelactionaries!

«  What if this is the year you get to.. be involved in activities you love, go travelling, change your career, take on creative adventures, go whitewater rafting, write, play, enhance relationships, build your business, achieve financial goals, discover your magic, take time for people, places and community?

«  What if you actually discover and move forward with your true purpose – creatively, authentically and soulfully?

«  What if you get to uncover your surprising and valuable hidden gifts and passions and put them to use?
«  Wouldn’t that be a lot more fun than worrying about how much water you drink each day?
«  And wouldn’t it be even more enticing when one day you realize you are drinking less coffee, more water, getting exercise, creating, not complaining etc etc etc simply as a side effect of moving passionately forward in your most unique way? 
«  What if you made revelations this year and you enjoyed them, savoured them, felt passionate about them and took great satisfaction in knowing you will achieve them?    What if they became revelactions?

Want this year to be your best ever?

Of course you do.  Let’s get you started…

$7.98 could  change your life, gently, profoundly and, imagine this.. with fun!  It’s a new year, a new decade.. you truly do deserve to head into it passionately and joyfully!

(This article is a portion of the Happy Revelly After workbook and  is copyrighted 2009 by Janet L Whitehead)

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