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About Janet

It’s a crazy life I lead.  People call me “The Muse.” Some call me “Momma Muse”… I consider that quite an honour.

The blog is the musings of a writer, potter, painter,  mom, nana, adventurer, waterskiier, traveller, and somewhat magical person.

Living life!  Sometimes in the lane one did not plan to be in… but alas, usually finding ways to turn it into something good. And as a life coach and creativity coach, helping others to honour their unique selves find their magic, their passion,  and create their lives in a way that feels significant, inspired, and even play filled.

Lover of all things mystical, ancient, and a sketcher of tall ships since etch-a-sketch at age 5. And even finally got to go sailing on a Tall Ship! Dreams do come true ….

Author of a number of playbooks that will help you creatively find your own answers to how you want to be living your life.

My hope is that you find some tidbit that inspires you, reminds you of how amazing you are, helps you let go of shoulds and just do what you really want, or maybe just gives you permission to stop beating yourself up a bit!

The “Who Am I” type bio is below… it tells what I do.  I love what I do..  no, no, I mean really LOVE everything I do.   All of it, the coaching, the writing, the painting, the clay, the being a grama Nana, the travel, the skiing, time with daughters, and oh those silly faeries……..

OKay.. so lately I don’t love the part that I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I love some of the amazing things that have happened as a result, but really, I’d much rather not be doing this journey.  It’s a frickin’ full time job, this healing stuff!  For those of you who’ve had or are  dealing with cancer.. the details and type matter. And for some, there just is in interest in that.. I’ve learned that now.  There’s another little about page about that. It’s called “Seriously? WTF?”

I’m honoured you have stopped by,
Janet L. Whitehead

And now the promotional bio:

Janet is a certified professional Life Coach (ICA) and Master Creativity Coach (KMCC) with 6 years full time experience.. and many years coaching others while she herself was in the corporate world. She finally leaped. And is living her passion Musings and Mud Coaching Studio

In January 2012, Janet was acknowledged by the Mayor of Kamloops for her innovative contribution of building the artistic community.   She’s recognized on an international level for the ability to create communities of like-minded people who support each other, while learning tools to bring a more empowering way of life to others.

You might be interested if….

You find yourself Procrastinating?  Not sure exactly how to get where you want to be? Beating yourself up? Listening to the outer critics? And inner critic? Have a dream but no clue what to do about that.  Tired of those around you saying “you should” or “you shouldn’t“? 

It’s okay.  These are all signs of a brilliant person ready to get where they want to be.  Contact me, we’ll talk.

 Move forward quickly and successfully, authentically and soulfully. 

 Janet’s expertise includes using unique, fun, empowering and intuitive techniques that access the wise but often unheard right side of the brain,  ensuring the functional left side supports their choices.


Janet coaches both internationally and locally, facilitates creative workshops, and is the author of the storybook “The Demise of Noshud Hafta” and a variety of popular self discovery work (play!) books. Janet also co-facilitates training Muse Group Leaders based on the works of , and in collaboration with, Jill Badonsky.

Janet is also a recognized clay sculpturist and painter.


Now go. You’re one click away from unleashing your brilliance.  


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