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Debunking Myths of “Real Art” and “Real Life”

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'Realm Travellers' by Janet L. Whitehead © 2006“You cannot add tiny clay pieces to large clay pieces. They will be destroyed in the firing process,”  said my first ceramics instructor. What if I’d believed that to be true and never added the first tiny faerie to one of my pots? Why, I wouldn’t have the most bizarre and magical life story that evolved as a result, and that is now oh so close to publishing!

 “Real writers write on yellow foolscap paper.” said a famous author (who’s name I have erased from my memory for obvious reasons) in a workshop full of hopeful writers.  What if they believed him and now blankly sit with a pad of yellow foolscap paper in a cool coffee shop, wishing they were at home pouring out their words in a blog format that they love?

 “Illustration is not art,” said the university professor, and so the young artist’s dream to illustrate books was instantly squashed, and she finished her degree in fine art, and never picked up a paintbrush or pencil for years. (It’s okay, she’s been coached, realized what had stopped her and is back in her passion.)

 There’s so much myth debunking to do!!

… debunking the myths that cause parents guilt; debunking what the left brain systems have taught the right-brainers about themselves, debunking all that traditional thinking that has people not making the changes they dream of…

“Janet, you can’t use white.. that’s not acceptable in any form of painting,” said the Art Store owner.  I bought it anyway and sulked out, probably mumbling, ‘then why do they sell it?”  I was surprisingly relieved when David Langevin, an expert in the techniques of the old Masters,  announced in a workshop something along the lines of: “Yes, you can use black. Yes, you can use white. Don’t believe anything people tell you about painting.” (Oh! Want to be inspired? Watch the video on David’s home page!)

 ” I have to win the lottery…”  The moment the words are spoken, the dream is shut down. Done. “Real Life” sets in. The ability to creatively think your way past the barriers to living life the way you really want, simply does not happen.  Cure: When you hear yourself speak the words, stop and ask, “Hmmm, how else can I do this?” or get a personal debunker.. er… life coach.

Finding the myths, the limiting beliefs, the unconscious thoughts that play havoc as you work so hard to create the life you want, is often enough to make a shift.

It’s not always easy, though, to recognize that ‘thing’ that’s stopping you. If it were, we’d all be getting where we want to be quickly.  That’s where personal debunking.. er.. coaching is so valuable. I am truly happy to be in my passion of coaching again. Watching the shifts happen for clients does feel so magical and I’m honoured to be a part of that process for others.

If you’d like to know more about personal coaching, please go here! (The 1.5 hour ‘get unstuck now’ copper treasure rocks, if I do say so myself)

In the meantime, you could practise the art of debunking! Notice those crazy thoughts that have you thinking you can’t do something. Just for starts, see if you can find those thoughts. That’ll make a big difference. Honest. (When you find them, you can also ask, “is that true?” and see what evolves)

A Bizarre Story – we can make a difference in a crisis.

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Many years ago, my daughters and I were stopped in a long line up on the highway.. during vacation time! Who wants to be stuck on the highway while on an adventure!!?? The momentary annoyance soon shifted when we realized the delay was the result of a car accident. There was no room for annoyance when I recognized someone’s life had just changed, possibly forever. I recall noticing my daughters’ compassionate knowing that now was not the time to be impatient.

I wouldn’t have remembered this incident except for an article that happened into my hands a few days later.

The article was about a woman who had been in a serious car accident. She was in a coma for six months. When she came out of the coma, she urgently wanted to track down the owner of a vehicle via a license plate number she recited. Her purpose was to thank the driver. The story she shared is this: After the accident, her spirit left her body. As she floated, she sensed angry and impatient energy coming from the vehicles nearby and she wanted to get as far away as she could. But then she sensed a loving bright energy and she was drawn towards that vehicle. The driver was praying for strength for the people in the accident and was consciously sending loving thoughts. The woman in spirit stayed beside that driver feeling that energy and soon knew she could go back to her body and that she would have the strength to live. She took note of the license plate number. Those many months later, she was able to find the driver and thank her for saving her life.

Ever since I read that article, I have a ritual when I hear or see emergency vehicles. I pause for a moment and consciously think “Blessings and love for those needing emergency care, and for the personnel with the emergency vehicle.”
I’m just one person with one thought, and it may not be the bright light that saves someone’s life, but the power of healing thoughts is much more than what most people imagine it could be. I know this, too, because I have been blessed with healing thoughts this past year, and I can’t even begin to put into words how much that has helped me, how much my spirits would shift – inexplicably, if I had not known that people were sending me healing thoughts and love. (Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!)

The license plate story came to mind today as we all reel at the insanity of the world that today saw bombs at the Boston Marathon.
I’m sending blessings and love. I know so many of you are too. I’m only here to remind us all how powerful those thoughts can be… so, toss them out there with all your might. We can make a difference.

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