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Kicking in Creative Thought: The Avocado Table

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The activity below has evolved into a contest of sorts.. If more than 10 people post their answers to the questions below, a draw for workbooks or a workshop will be held! (your choice of which prize) 


Now Go. Play. Visualize winning the Draw.  (Hey!  If you all do that… hmmm…  does that mean you are all going to win? Will I have some shift in thoughts and think, “oh heck, I’ll draw all their names!” )


What is an Avocado Table?  No, no, this isn’t a question to plug into Google.  There is no right answer.  There are no rules.  (Isn’t THAT freeing?)  You simply get to think about what an Avocado Table could be.  Imagine that you could win $10 000 for a very creative answer.  What would you come up with?  Would you write about it, talk about it, sketch it?  What would it’s purpose be? Where is it available? Who has access to it?  Are all of the components of an avocado involved?  Does the ‘table’ have to be something normally considered a table?


Next question:  If the human body from the waist down faced backwards, what would a chair look like?  Go ahead, grab a pencil and start sketching.  Is your first thought, “Wait, I need more information or I can’t do this!”   If you want details bout this new human form and how it functions, make it up.  Then sketch the chair. Consider how we would get into this chair. How would we rest our back?  Where would our arms go?


This is a PAUSE while you do these exercises.


Done? How does it feel to access your creative thinking?  Fun? Frustrating? Did your self-talk say “Yay!” or  did it say “I’m not creative”?  Did a part of you think “I’m free!” or did a part think, “Where’s the rules?”  Or was your response something in between or something completely different altogether?


 How you respond to this exercise may reveal how you respond to many choices or options in life.   Simply by doing these exercises and asking yourself the questions above, you allow awareness into your life and you will have insights into… well, those insights will be as unique as the unique individual you are!

Possible thoughts you may have during the day are:  “I loved that. How do I get to do that more?”  “Hmm, apparently I really like rules.  What are my rules in life?”   “Is my thinking preventing me from going forward towards my dreams?”  “How can I apply this creative thought to an issue I’m currently having? ”  “OH.. if I just imagine taking away some of the rules of the project I am working on, maybe I can see a better way.”  Or maybe you simply thought, “Why would I do this?  There’s no money in it.”  That’s worth thinking more about, too!


submitted by Janet L. Whitehead  ©2008


Ever wonder if there’s more to Life?  Is it time to kick it up a notch? Contact me if you want to learn more about how coaching can help.

Janet Whitehead is a certified professional life and business coach who specializes in life coaching creatively.  Her expertise includes using creative coaching techniques that help others access their most empowering ways to move forward quickly and successfully, authentically and soulfully.  She coaches both internationally and locally, facilitates creative workshops, and is the author of a variety of work (play!) books.  She is currently completing her first novel, and working on a solo show in Clay.


Faeries’ and Troll’s Stories to Inspire You!

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While working on my novel, I came across these to stories that belong to pottery sculptures sold quite some time ago. I laughed because these came out long before I ever considered being a professional coach. How appropriate they are now, though, to share with those who are exploring, dreaming and discovering their own personal journeys!

Creating Herself

Faerie watched and waited as other Faeries came
and went from Mud Heaven.
Faerie quite likes her body of light,
but her heart was set on getting out in the people world.
Ah, but no nature spirit, no potter, not even troll
would play a part in getting her out there.

For awhile Faerie even pouted, felt ignored, and
sometimes got a wee bit angry.
And then Faerie started to think…
and watch the other Faeries more closely….
… and chatted a bit with Potter.

Her little body suddenly shone brightly
one day as she realized it was up to her!
No one else could say who
she should be!
No one else knew her better than herself!
It was her choice how she wants to appear in the people world!
Only she could create herself!

Presenting wise and enchanting Faerie as she creates herself!
Good for you, Faerie!



Troll was curled up in Potter’s arm watching the creation of this pot.
“Potter,” Troll growled, “why didn’t Faerie build his
ladder to the top?!”

Meanwhile Faerie carved a door into the pot,
delighted at the opportunity to have a door!

“Potter, her ladder is completely upside down
and #@$ backwards, how silly!”

“Troll don’t swear, you’re in a story you know.”
“Grumble grumble,” Troll grumbled.

Meanwhile Other Faerie swung herself
upside down and @#$ backwards, calling out to Faerie,
“Hey look at me, look at the fun I can have
when my ladder is upside down and backwards! whoo hoo!’

“Oh stupid little thing, she’s going to fall you know, just watch,”
remarked Troll knowingly, “.. and HE is really gonna fall!”

Potter and Troll watched as Faerie flew a log in to
connect between the ladders.
Together they carved another door, and the
connection of the ladders was complete.

The Faeries scampered across logs and up and down ladders.
They performed graceful triple flip dives off the highest ladder.
And when they wanted to rest,
they had dozens of little places to snuggle up.

“Potter, they’ve created a dangerous stupid place.” said Troll.

Meanwhile, we heard Faeries cry out joyously,
“We’ve created Heaven!”

May you have Faerie Perceptions!

stories and artworks © Janet L Whitehead  1995 – 2008


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