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Drawing on the right brain for answers!

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Quick simple method to access right creative soulful side of the brain for an answer.

1. Draw a random squiggle quickly on a piece of paper. 

2. Doodle, using the line as a starting point. (The trick here is; by having a scribble on the page already, your logical thought processes that might have a ‘plan’ gives up and lets the right side of brain play)

3. Having doodle for a few minutes,  randomly write down a number between 10 and 100.

4. Ask the question to which you would like an answer.  Maybe write this down.

5.  Find a book nearby. Any book at all.  Open it to the page of the number you wrote down earlier.

6. You’ll find an answer on that page.

  You’re invited to share  your results!!  I have so many cool stories to share around this one!

Farmville people aka Farmvillains: You are not alone in your obsession.

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Farmvillains, an interesting article in the New York Times by Douglas Quenqua.  You are not alone.  But wait. You already know that because your friends fertilized.  and so have 60+ million other users.

ps. I was interviewed for this article, but alas, I’m not in the article. I’m so depressed I might go start up my farm again. It’s pretty there and things go exactly as planned.

Using humour, doodling, storytelling to access the soul!

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Your right brain – the creative part that so easily can access the soul – has much to say, yet, for the most part, it goes unheard.  Quite simply, your creative thinking side just needs a different format to do it’s speaking.  Through humour, doodling, storytelling and seemingly ‘random’ exercises, our series of downloadable e- workbooks offer you an opportunity to discover your true passions and gifts, remove limiting beliefs, and experience your own “aha” moments.  

Affordable, kick butt fun and very unique. Just $7.98 can change your life. And I’m not saying that in a “wow, good words for marketing’ kind of way. It’s actually true.

The Manifestival is a new FREE “mini” workbook designed to introduce you to the possibilities of discovery through using fantasy and creative tools.  Just sign on email page of website (listed below)  and you’ll get the link.

Workbooks from the Self-Discovery Adventure series:  (downloadable e-books)
«  Happy Revelly After
«  The Demise of Noshud Hafta- What’s your Story?
«  Rekindling Imagination
«  Did you Love Aliens? – a first step view into your world of passions and gifts
«  “Whatever!” – Journaling for the Journaling Challenged.

Watch for future Self-Coaching Adventures:
« The Pirate’s Way *The Faerie’s Way

Musings and Mud – The Coaching Studio


Marketing out of the Right Side of the Brain. Profoundly magical, it is.

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So, for all that I do to coach others to discover and fully use the amazing, soulful, magical right side of the brain, I forgot.

I forgot when it came to marketing.  I love all that I do, except the loop tape that plays in my head constantly discussing marketing strategies.  Somehow I got caught up in all the research, social media, and ‘how to’s’ being plastered all over the internet, and started doubting what my more magical side was saying.

It’s okay, don’t panic.  The magical side exists in my coaching, art, writing, and heck, even my waterskiing and travelling. 

It just wasn’t being easily heard over the yelling from the Left Brain saying “advertise here”, “post there”, “send out newsletters regularly”.   Even though, my little business is doing well, Left brain kept saying: “Janet, dear, keep marketing.  Twit, advertise, articles, .. keep it going, keep it going.”

Of course, now that I think of it, I haven’t  followed it’s screeching instructions – but the loop tape kept playing anyway. 

 I refused to market by ‘telling  people what their problem is and how you can fix it.”  I rebelled by putting the following front and center on my webpage: “There’s nothing wrong with you. Nothing. Isn’t that a Relief?” 
But the loop tape kept playing  anyway.

I don’t send out regular newsletters – even though I know that people apparently need constant reminders that a business exists.   The  left brain loop tape probably has some value in it’s constant reminders to do something more regular.  That darn “linear thinkin’, strategic plannin’ ” part of the brain.   But.. well, here again, right brain has won. The little rebel.  Yet the left brain loop tape continued taking up space and weighing heavy.

UNTIL the other day, when I decided to retire the marketing inclined  left brain.  Really.  Retired. Period.  Damn that felt good.   Instead, I didn’t give any thought to marketing. 

That evening I had an ‘aha’.. (oh this is going to seem so dumb coming from me..)  I had an ‘aha’ to simply visualize what I want to happen.  Okay, Okay, I teach people this!  I help people get rid of the ‘limiting beliefs’ that have stopped them from having success with this.  I help people experience the magic that comes from the right creative soulful side of the brain.  But, ya,  like I said, I’d forgotten to do this for myself in the marketing area.

  • And so I visualized gatherings of magical people – with ‘magical’ meaning ‘making the impossible possible.”
  • I visualized people who would be most empowered by my services and products to simply find me.
  • And I visualized that whatever was supposed to happen around me ‘keeping myself out there’ would just happen.
  • And I simply played – over the next two days, I coached, coloured, went to a performance,  watched a movie, and went to a meditation.

NOW HERE”S WHAT HAPPENED  out of the blue (aka out of the magic) within those couple of days:

  • Two new clients with very magical issues contacted me. 
  • I had a blast of orders for the work(play!)books.
  • A profound connection with kindred spirits happened at the gathering.
  • I got an unexpected cheque from an unlikely source.
  • AND the NEW YORK TIMES contacted me for an interview.

Let me tell ya, that right side of the brain sure knows how to market.  And left brain is kick butt happy to be given permission to retire.  Imagine that.

Farmvillain Exit

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Ah, yes… the coach who understands creatives has inspired me to leave the topiaries, elephants, ugly ducklings and fellow farmvillains. That coach being me. Me  also being a creative being who can easily be distracted, thus sabotaging my own creative projects – even though I attempted to justify being a Farmvillain by my creative play with it.   Not going into an essay on why creatives do this, but alas, we do.. even we who know so much better. So let’s call my soiree with Farmville a reminder of that.. and although my time there was reduced to once a day or less (because really I only had trees left to harvest), I still was tempted to alter my ever growing labyrinth. 

You too can leave Farmville. Click, sell, click, sell, click sell.  Everything gone.  But darn, there’s money left then! If you are like me, I couldn’t leave the gold in an account so this is my last hurrah:

farmville bye

Off I go now.. to write and perhaps illustrate my next workbook.  Shall I do the pirate themed “change your thoughts about money” one.. or perhaps one ‘how not to be your most creative self – facebook games”    hee hee.

Ps. Unless someone knows otherwise, you still cannot delete your farm. You can block the application, you can block accepting gifts.. but when you type in farmville and go back in, you are still there.  Anyone know otherwise?

Hey, I heard Yoville is a good game…..    (NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!)

Animal School – from Raising Small Souls

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Guess who learned to embed videos in her blog today?   This video has been a favourite for a long long time.  If you’ve ever known a child, or been one yourself.. it is a must see.  And a reminder to each of us to take responsibility for focusing on our own strengths.  Enjoy.

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