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Want to be outrageous with me?

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This is a bit of a celebration for me… posting what I’m up to these days in my business life.  It says, “Oh, my gosh, Janet, you are getting back in full swing after a few years of healing. Yeehaw!” So, here.. here’s what I’m up to. And, of course, I’d love to have you onboard with any of these – they all provide the opportunity to find that spark and be even more of that outrageous wonderful self that you are – but mostly, thanks for being here to share the celebration! 

Way Hey Up She Rises
A crazy unique way to reach your goals

Starts February 18.  A fantastical voyage of personal discovery, sailing the high seas of extraordinary tools that reveal your strongest, bravest, funnest, most inspired self – even against all odds.

A 6 week online interactive webinar course and private facebook community, with creative experiences to play with weekly.Fair warning, there is nothing very normal about how we make these discoveries. This, however, makes it even more likely your discoveries and the tools you learn will stay with you for life.. because our minds and souls love a good creative not-very-normal adventure!
Sail HERE to learn more!

Modern Day Muse Certification Course 

Starts February 16.  Ever popular, this tried and true training provides radical awareness, creative principles, and empowering tools, in the guise of wise, quirky and entertaining muses. Based on Jill Badonsky‘s book, “The Nine Modern Day Muses and a Bodyguard.”

As a certified Modern Day Muse, you will finally understand the ways to honour your creative process and have the skills to offer workshops and courses that bring you another stream of income and joy! To register or to learn more take your curious self HERE.

One-on-One Life and Creativity Coaching 

This one… this is the best way to find your spark quickly and forever. If you are truly ready to take your life and/or your projects to new levels, one-on-one coaching offers professional support, empowering tools, a creative mind to collaborate with, and so much more. Ready, set, GO learn more!

facebook realm travellersClay Alchemy 101+ – FULL, but perhaps something of interest in the future?

Starts January 15th and 16th in Kamloops BC
The pottery studio is up and running once again in a most magical location. Join me in this 4 session introduction to pottery. From a lump of clay to a glazed creation, you will get to experience the alchemy of clay and yes, you will have finished projects to show for your discoveries.
Comes with some personal alchemy, too, no doubt!   HERE.

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OR maybe…
…just a couple creative thinking tools to play with? Or an imagination workshop in a t-shirt? 


The Outrageous List

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The New Year: A fresh start, yes. Yet, too often it comes with a heavy pressure to make changes. As if you aren’t good enough already. Sheesh.

If you happen to be heading into the new year with resolutions and they don’t feel awesome… quick, let them go now. I have a better idea.

What if, instead, you simply choose to ignite your spark?  Wake up that feeling that really lifts your spirits, makes you laugh, throws you into new and wild wonderful directions of thinking? The spark that reignites the energy that is the true fuel for getting things done, for making changes, and for connecting to what really does matter for you? And even more importantly, that spark that can and will get you through whatever life throws your way.

Yes, it’s important, that spark. Willing to experiment with that concept?  The thing is, it’s seldom logical thinking that ignites the spark. Logical tends to keep us exactly where we are. Imagination, playfulness, creative thinking… those can lead us to that soulful brilliant spark we all have within us.

A little outrageous and ridiculous thinking, as it happens, is one little tool that can help us sneak past all that logic…

The Outrageous and Ridiculous and Possibly Impossible List 

Example -here’s mine:

1. Apply as crew on a replica viking ship travelling from the Netherlands to America. (Logically, it is very unlikely I would even be considered given my age and limited experience) So why would I apply? You’ll see.

2. Be in London in April to celebrate at the Book Release Party  for “The Strawberry Girl” with the author, Lisa Stromme, my client and friend.  Hers is the fairytale story of  an author. Like any fairytale, it comes with the obstacles overcome, the ups, the downs, and the happy ending of having a novel about to be published in so many countries, I have lost count.  My part in this is a fairytale story of a coach, witnessing this extraordinary woman’s process to reach such a grand result. And so, against all odds, (because my life has been a bit crazy and I don’t have a clear picture of how I will make this work) I want to celebrate in person with Lisa.

3. Alternative idea: A celebration with Lisa in her home country of Norway before I leave on the Viking ship. Oh, I do like this option.

So, why would I come up with outrageous goals that hardly seem possible? Because this is the stuff my imagination loves. Because I can feel my mind automatically releasing limiting beliefs that can stop me (they can sneak in no matter how hard one works at keeping them at bay!)  Because making a list like this ignites my adventurous soul. Because applying for the Viking crew makes me laugh out loud, and filling out the application is empowering. Because if I don’t get to do these things, it doesn’t matter… the thoughts alone have already kindled that wild spark in me, reminding me it exists and how very important it is to me. The spark alone gives me energy and it will continue to play out in all walks of my life, perhaps sometimes outrageously, more often subtly and gently guiding my actions, guiding my choices, supporting me through ups and downs, and making me feel happy.

Your turn? Simply make the outrageous list, and feel the spark ignite as you write it, research it, and process the ideas in your mind. Acknowledge that feeling: truly consciously be aware of it. Feel it in your body, mind and soul. Invite it to hang out with you more often. That’s enough to make a difference as you head into the new year. Honestly, it’s almost like magic how it can guide you.

Dare to share your outrageous list?  That could be a great next small step towards it all happening! ~smile~



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Wishes for you…

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